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Green Army Fraction "The Greater and the Lesser Holy War" C35

Tape available for 8EUR

Tape and t-shirt available for 18EUR

Green Army Fraction continues its one-man-strife against the decayed values of the present day society. A-side includes only the title track - seventeen and a half minutes "epic" journey of harsh droning electronics landscapes, junk metal abuse, feedback and constant vocal action spitting disgust towards the modern world. B-side has three shorter tracks connected to the same topic. One pulsating instrumental piece, one in a more industrial vein and one with with almost melodic use of feedback. We'd say together with Caste War full-length, clearly his best work up to date!

High bias chrome cassette packaged in a green silk screened canvas bag. Comes with four pro-printed fold-out inserts. A total of 16 pages including all the lyrics, rich graphics and illustrations and a selection of well chosen quotes from various philosophers and thinkers. Hand numbered and limited to 199 copies. Reaction is the wave of the future!

Also available Green Army Fraction t-shirts.