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Liver Mortis "Cut-Rate" C40

Available for 6EUR

Liver Mortis (and the related label TF/PE) is one of the few newer American artists that has this truly twisted, perverted and violent aura radiating around them. Since the already great startup of the project in 2006 it has shown constant improvement. “Cut-rate” is again a step forward. Only two long tracks, but skillfully built up from short chapters in cut-up style. So there is actually a huge amount of material and sounds sinked into the tracks and composed to float forward. Low-end rumble, crackling synth, nasty feedback, dirty junk abuse, occasional buried vocals etc.

High bias chrome tape with pro-printed covers. Also comes with 2-sided cardboard art insert. All this is sealed with special wrap covers and metal band. Handnumbered and limited to 155 copies.