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Bizarre Uproar "Fifteen Years of Filth and Violence"

Normal edition available for 33EUR

Special edition available for 50EUR

Despite expanding into a massive collaborative eternity-project between Bizarre Uproar and E.S.T., we are proud to announce that the already (in)famous “Filth and Violence” box set is finally out! The ultimate filth ritual including almost 4 hours of audio, 30 minutes of video and artworks made from extensive selection of pictures.

All noise was recorded during 2007 and selected and edited from vast amount of raw material. It could be seen as a transition state between Liha-Evankeliumi series and where Bizarre is going now (post-Likainen Ehtoollinen era). Artist himself claimed “Filth and Violence” to be the most physical recordings in project’s history, thanks to ideal recording environment which is sadly now gone. Box is handnumbered and limited to 99 copies.

The content:

Special edition includes everything listed above, plus:

When ordering state if you want normal or special edition. If ordering special edition, mention preferred size of t-shirt. Also note that box is big and heavy, so shipping costs will not be cheap.